• The Marysville region has some long and steep hills, but the courses are designed to follow the gentle river valleys so don't worry! You will see some picturesque scenery and in other areas the devastation wrought by the fiery inferno.

  • The Marathon (42. 195 km) will commence at  7am outside the Marysville Caravan Park, near the lower roundabout in Marysville's main street (Murchison Street).
  • The course is in three out and back loops, of decreasing length.

  • The height variation between the lowest point, at Buxton (270 m), and the highest point, Steavenson Falls (560 m) is 290 metres.

  • Runners will use the lane of the Buxton-Marysville Road, gently descending along the Steavenson River valley to reach Buxton after 12 km.

  • They will return along the same lane, almost to the Marysville golf course and temporary village, turning left into Dickinson Track.

  • Following up the gentle Taggerty River valley they will reach Lady Talbot Drive, turn left and proceed along it for approximately 3.5 km before returning to cross Woods Point Road.

  • Runners pass through the Start/Finish Area at Gallipoli Park, heading up the Steavenson River valley along the single lane of Falls Road.

  • On reaching Steavenson Falls they return along the same lane to finish at Gallipoli Park.

  • Those wanting to run an ultramarathon of 45 km can then decide to run an extra 3 km on a section to be determined (expressions of interest sent to the Race Director will help determine the number of runners and route). Times will be recorded for both distances.
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